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The Goyambokka Guest House and the sea food restaurant a lovely guest house and a sea food restaurant located in a echo friendly large garden all most with the beach. The cool breeze flow out from Arabian sea of the Indian ocean keep all visitors in a unbelievable atmosphere where they will feel such kind of comfort once in their life time.

The large indigenous a sacred "AHETU" provide a shadow to an immense space area where a person can enjoy the breezy dazzle under this shadow

The Goyambokka Guest House situated at Matara Kataragama road at the 195th mile post in interior place where calm and the isolessness is being prevails and provide a magnificent hide out to the visitor.

Six mighty luxurious villas at competitive rates are waiting for visitor arrival with their majestic appearance on hill top with A/C and non A/C facilities.

The beach is only two minutes walk from here. It is almost deserted, surrounded by palm trees, the sea is not as rough as elsewhere and you do not find these big rocks at the entrance of the sea, as you often find in Sri Lanka.

The New Additions

One of the most reputed Holiday resort in the “Goyambokka guesthouse” is now proudly announce its new addition of Accommodation complex to the visitor. ”The Villas” contractually a new concept in Holiday Resort.

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