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Goyambokka Guest Recently added three super luxury villas to its accommodation couples consisting of up and down stars in each unit. The villas facing a magnificent costal eco view will keep your mind in a high tranquility mood where you have been kept in a complete in only moment.
Three completely a new style luxury room complexes of two storied buildings. If you booked in to this villas you will entirely enjoy a different environment for your life time, where you never experienced.
The path way is studded with natural granite rocks which will give your feet an amazing automatic therapy to your feet. Starting irrespective of you are occupying of down floor or upstairs you are gifted to view one of most enriched coastal echo view in the area.


The new villas ensure happiness of your mind the management is responsible of your belongings and the safety of yourself.As you would have seen in our web pages Goyambokka would meet your food requirement to your choice of any type.
The villas are built in accordance with the prevailing European concept. Out the three villas of 6 rooms upstairs and down satire contain a balcony and in down stair a veranda. One unit consist of twin bed and a double bed. On your request an extra bed can be added to your choice. The rest of the villas are equipped with double beds.
When one sit down in the upstairs or the down he will enjoy the coolly breeze that flows from the neighboring beach while migrant and the individual Sri Lanka birds. Birds humming up which is an enticing event and keep your mind in melodramatic mood.


The ground floor villas are equipped with air condition hot water, fans if necessary, and large colonial style windows for natural ventilation any one irrespective of occupying in the upstairs or the down stair of the 3 units are lucky to have to view one of the most exciting costal eco sight in the sri lanka. Three upstairs rooms fixed with large louvers on top of the walls allows the coolly breeze to enter to your living to embrace you.
The floors are made with special nature, environment loving materials, which adds an extra comfort to you so stay with us, experience the most exciting and the friendly social society living in the area surprise … The goyambokka guest will add another heart breathing addition to it’s complex for its clients “A swimming pool near soon..
The panoramic eco view headed by the Jiant “Nuga” Tree is an amazing event which put you in tranquilly.
The two minutes’ walk from the Hotel to the beach is another exciting experience. The unpolluted silver sand and the crystal clear water of Indian Ocean, and the Sun and the dazzling air will make an unforgettable holiday for you that you enjoyed in your life.
You will see the tradition Sri Lanka beds electroinc safe and the most modern bathroom in the Villas everything is indigenous all frames are made of Lankan Woods.


New arrival Swimming pool


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